Apprenticeship Levy

Apprenticeship Programmes

The best leaders and managers are innovative, creative and inspirational and are an asset to organisations, Companies are continually looking for ways in which to assist in the development of their teams whilst balancing the most productive and cost-effective ways possible to enable an enriched, engaging and exciting learning experience. EQV have been developing and training staff throughout the nation for the past 26 years and due to this key factor, we have the experience to keep your learning experience enjoyable for your delegates.

We offer management training programmes that make use of the apprenticeship levy in the form of Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) management trailblazers. A lot of organisations that have employed us to deliver their apprenticeship programmes feel that our key offering of Level 3 is ideally suited for development of first line management competencies increasing their confidence and ability to perform their role to the highest standard.

Our ILM level 5 programme is ideal for continued study from completing the level 3 and is predominantly focussed towards managers in more of an operational role.

In addition to our management programmes we also offer the Association of Project Management(APM) Level 4 in project management which develops the knowledge around effective project management in comparison to the Prince2 qualification which focuses more around the methodology of project management.

Costs and Timescale

For more information around how the funding is utilised to pay for the apprenticeship programmes please contact one of our dedicated account managers to assist you can email us or call 0333 344 4475

ILM Level 3 – Management – £4,500

38 credits – total qualification time 370 hrs – guided learning time 172 hrs

ILM Level 3 Trailblazer Diploma

ILM Level 5 – Management – £7,000

50 credits  – total qualification time 512 hrs – guided learning time 221 hrs

ILM level 5 Trailblazer Diploma

APM Level 4 – Associate Project Manager – £6,000

Project Manager Trailblazer

18 months programme.

Level 4 Apprenticeship programme


How the Programme is Delivered

The programme format for the delivery of these apprenticeships are:

  • All Mandatory units delivered face to face including
  • Self-study units
  • Knowledge Units
  • Skills Units
  • Combined Knowledge and Skills

Assessment methods

  • Knowledge Units – Onscreen multiple choice tests
  • Skills Units – Portfolio of Evidence
  • Combined Knowledge and Skills – Portfolio of Evidence and professional discussion

End point assessment

The EQV Apprenticeship Experience

The programmes can be delivered either at your location (subject to minimum numbers) or a public course event.

Our learning platform will be used to electronically capture all of the portfolio of evidence that the individuals can access and upload as they work through their own learning journey.

Mixed audience to maximise the learning opportunity and budget

Within the workshop delivery you could mix the audience to include apprentices and other colleagues who would benefit from the knowledge or you may have colleagues attend the workshops and register them on a standard ILM qualification and they complete the work-based Assignments after attending the workshops.

Effectively through the delivery of the workshop elements you are addressing knowledge for the apprentices, general knowledge for other colleagues and if appropriate allowing colleagues to complete a standard qualification if they are not needing the apprenticeship elements.

Holding the programmes at your location means that other colleagues may attend for knowledge if appropriate allowing you to benefit from the delivery twice over!

Requirements to utilise the management and project management programmes

  • The company must be a levy payer
  • The delegate must have functional skills before completing the programme – GCSE level 4, O Levels at grade C or CSE’s at grade 1 in maths and English.

(if the delegate does not have the above skills EQV are able to provide funded training in these areas at an additional 45 hours per course)

  • The delegate can’t complete the apprenticeship if they already have the knowledge or qualification that the apprenticeship programme covers.